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Happy Birthday Wishes | 55+ Messages for Everyone

Here is a short collection of Top Quality Happy Birthday Wishes!


Happy ‘Earth made circle around the sun’ Birthday to you!

I wish only one thing to you today. To find the strength and willpower  to blow all the birthday candles out. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to the second most handsome, talented, beautiful and smart person in the world. (I’m the first!)

The frogs are green and the water is blue! Happy birthday to you! 

Happy Birthday!!! What can I wish you now?  When I think about it I think of only one thing! I wish your deepest dreams come true.

You will not work and clean today! The day is starting well, isn’t it ?! This is your day and today is just the time for fun and partying! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We have 365 days a year and only one of them is your birthday. I don’t think that’s fair. Because we have such a good time on your birthdays that I want them to be every day! I love you very much, be blessed!!!

Get on your spaceship and try to reach the stars!  When the goal is big, the reward is also great! Happy Birthday!

I wish you the most amazing way to your perfect life with many adventures, new friends and all kinds of fun. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, friend! I wish you to make so much  money, that you have to  invite me to help you spend them!

Happy B’day! I wish you a new German car and a beautiful sexy woman!

From the bottom of my heart I want to wish you to have only real friends by your side! Be blessed!!!

Happy Birthday! May your celebration be filled with many smiles, heartfelt toasts and I hope all your good wishes come true!

 I wish you with each passing year to have the advantages of old age: wisdom, peace and faith and the advantages of youth: strength, hope and beauty! Happy Birthday!  

I wish you not just a great birthday, but one that you will remember for a lifetime!

I wish you unprecedented success, health and love to accompany every moment of your life! Happy Birthday!

The older you get, the cake gets bigger and life sweeter!  

I wish you a long life full of joy and  to make the right decisions every time. Happy Birthday!

 Happy birthday! May your smile always illuminate your face, love fill your heart, and brandy warm your soul! LOL! 

I wish you to be as happy as you are beautiful, to shine like the morning dew and to be kind and good as always! 

I wish you the sun to shine in your eyes, a smile to glow on your face and joy to fill your soul!

Be like the sky – smile after every storm. Be like the grass – stand up when something runs over it. Be like the stars – giving love and light. Happy Birthday!

Be tough like a rock, beautiful like the roses and loved like money.

All I wish to you is health, because it is most important, happiness, because you need it and love, because it will save the world!

Do not regret that the years have passed, one cannot stop time, the best memories remain and we live better with them.

 I wish you miles of smiles for your birthday! I hope all your dreams and wishes come true!

 Don’t forget to invite me to  celebrate your 100th birthday! I wish you to have a lot of fun at yout birthday party! Cheers!

I wish you wonderful journeys and brave adventures! Happy Birthday! 

I wish you a path that will lead you to a wonderful tomorrow every day! Happy Birthday! Be young forever, laugh a lot and succeed in everything! Cheers! HAPPY HOLIDAY!

We have just transferred 365 days of luck, health and happiness to your bank account! Use them with love and enthusiasm! 

Accept my Warmest Happy Birthday Wishes! Let go of all worry and stress and enjoy this lovely day!

I wish you to always have a choice in every step of your life and to always make the right decision! Happy Birthday!

I wish you only one thing – to always have new dreams to strive for! I wish you from the bottom of my heart – Happy Birthday!

I wish you to be healthy, happy and to succeed in everything. To have real friends and to be with the  people you love. Live wild and everything will be OK! 

If you no longer have the desire to reach for the stars, then you have found happiness here on Earth! Happy Birthday! 

Happy Birthday! I wish you a ocean full of love, in which to bathe carefree every day. Happy Birthday!

No matter what clothes you buy, the smile on your face will always suit you and will never go out of style!

If there is something better than life, if there is something more beautiful than the sunrise, if there is something purer than a dream, if there is something stronger than love – let it be yours forever! Happy Birthday!

Be healthy, loved, rich and beautiful. Today is your day  – your wonderful birthday!

I wish you so much health that  will amaze doctors! So much happiness that will make angels envy you! So much love that poets can’t put it into words!

Let us celebrate your anniversary with good friends, with whom you can drink, sing and dance until dawn. Happy anniversary!

 Happy Birthday! May your holiday be celebrated with many smiles, heartfelt toasts and good cake!  

I wish you to be able to call every birthday “the best”! Happy B’day!

I wish you a future brighter than the sun, happy moments and love greater than the cosmos! Happy Birthday!

Good luck in everything you do and the realization of everything you dream of!

I wish you the shortest, easiest and most amazing path to success and  health, love and luck to be always by your side! 

Today you will hear many birthday wishes and all of them will wish you health. I will also wish you health, because this is all you need to achieve your wildest dreams. 

I will not wish you much, so you don’t get confused and forget that health and love are the most important things in everyone’s life. I wish you to have them in abundance and to never run out! 

I wish you unprecedented luck in finding the things that are most important to you. I hope you find good friends, a good job, inspiration for new adventures and  live your life to the fullest!

I wish you a happy holiday, happy and unforgettable moments and let all the great wishes you will hear today come true! 

I want to wish you many things, but I will wish you only one, but very important – HEALTH! Everything else will come to you, I promise you. Happy Birthday!

I wish you to find the well of happiness, from which to draw inspiration, love and wisdom for an even happier  I wish you the happy moments to be so many that you can never count them, and the bad ones be so few that you can forget them quickly. Keep living your wonderful life, full with  many positive emotions!

I wish you many true friends and let three always walk beside you: health, love and happiness! 

 I know you have everything, but still let me wish you to find the beauty of the little things and make your life even richer!

I wish you a complete collection of health, love, luck, success, unforgettable memories, happy moments and kisses! 

Let your eyes shine with happiness and always have love in your heart and soul, because today is your birthday! 

Don’t look back, just look ahead, where you can  expect the best moments of your life. Happy Birthday! 

May God protect you and may angels carry you on their wings to your dreams! Happy Birthday! 

Thank you for having a birthday atleast once every year! So I have occasions to eat cake and party with you. Happy Birthday! Wish you a birthday like no other.With many friends, positive emotions, dancing and fun until dawn. 

I can only wish a nice person like you the best. To be healthy, to earn a lot of money and collect amazing memories. Happy Birthday!

May success pursue you, may happiness always walk by your side  and may health never leaves you.

I wish you those  three things to never leave you, no matter what happens in your life: health, love and luck. Happy Birthday! 

The best is yet to come, I wish you to enjoy every success and to be a  truly happy person. Happy Birthday!   

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